Free - Powerman 5000

The Martyr - Immortal Technique

The Martyr by Immortal Technique

A man who walks with God, can walk anywhere
Hence.. I fear nothing

The point of guerilla war, is not to succeed
It's always been just to make the enemy bleed
Deprivin' the soldiers of the peace of mind that they need
Bullets are hard to telegraph when they bob and they weave
The only way a Guerilla War can ever be over
Is when the occupation, can't afford more soldiers
Until they have to draft the last of you into the service
And you refuse cause you don't see the purpose

The only way to counter the insurgents that are well-equipped
Is to paint the people fighting for freedom as terrorists
Then find a faction lookin' for foreign investments
You stall them with power and murder any objections
You can't stop a revolution from breathin'
So to beat 'em they offer people the illusion of freedom
But when you're done dreamin' and wake up, tortured for treason
Then you can see them, hidin' behind the God they believe in


Slave Scheme

Slave Scheme

9/11 Truth to Infinity - Payday Monsanto


Millionaire Paytriots - Payday Monsanto

William Cooper - Prophecies

Shame - Inward Eye

Architects of Control - Michael Tsarion ( Mind Mass Control )

Yes We Kill

Yes We Kill

The Media Taught You That - Hierosonic

Anonymous - Beast 1333

Invisible Empire Official Trailer

Grand Deception - K Rino


Flame on Technocrats - Payday Monsanto / Zbignew Brzezinski

Victim's Revenge III - Payday Monsanto

Front Cover

Front Cover

Another Brick in the Wall Mix - Pink Floyd

RFID Chip Kills you if you Disobey

Mark of the Beast - Immortal Technique / Akir / KRS 1 / Beast 1333 -

Toast To The Dead - Immortal Technique

The Story of Your Enslavement

La Historia del Secreto - Cuarto Universo

2012 -From Conscious Evolution to Practical Solutions

Dictator Speech - Rave - Chaplin / Enigma

Back Cover

Back Cover



New World Order Dance - Plumbjam

Strong Will Continue - Damian Marley and Nas

Ain't That a Shame - Payday Monsanto

Vaccine Zombie - Mike Adams

2012: An Awakening trailer

Dirty Rotten Liars - Hierosonic

2012 Time fo change Trailer

9/11 'til Infinity - Star Fucking Hipsters ft. Boots Riley

The Secret Of The Ages - William Cooper

The Plan - K-Rino

Consciousness - Architects of Control

Major Minus - Coldplay